Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD


Ryder, self-propelled, gasoline engine 16920 W ( 23 HP), mowing width: 92 cm, without collector, housing material: steel

Main (Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD)
Type Ryder
Engine type petrol
Engine model Briggs & Stratton VANGUARD
Motor power in HP 23 l.s.
The engine 16 920 W
Gathering herbs discharge
The width of the cutting 92 sm
The cutting height 50 — 120 mm
The collector
Features (Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD)
Engine (Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD)
The capacity of the fuel tank 12 l
Design and dimensions (Crossjet AC 92-23HP 4WD)
Material deck steel
The number of wheels 4
Weight 350 kg
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